Bronzing Powder gives the skin a radiant, bright and natural color.
The cosmetic is designed primarily to emphasize face shapes.
Ideal also to emphasize the shoulders, neck and face.
Gives the skin a natural tan, making it looks like a healthy, sun-kissed lightly.
Do not create streaks and heaviness. After application the skin becomes smooth and matte.
The content is enriched with a delicate fragrance note. The Matte Bronzer Compact was placed in a plastic case fitted with a transparent cover.
Apply W7 bronzing powder sparingly to face or body (only need to use little amount)
Enhance your look & give yourself a great glow

♥ The original W7 Matt Bronzing compact
♥ Professional pressed bronzing powder
♥ Easy to store in your hand bag
♥ Total Net Weight;14g

*Product Image May Slightly Vary In Shade Colour*